Friday, April 9, 2010

Wild Bill's 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 5 & 6

Welcome back my Gridiron Grinders!! I am going through picks 5 and 6 in my Mock Draft so let's get to it!

With Washington's pick of Russell Okung at the number 4 spot, I expect a run on Offensive Tackles. We all know that the cutesy-wootsy wittle QB's get all the attention, but deep down anybody that KNOWS football realizes that Offensive Lineman are the key to it all. With that being said I expect Scott Pioli (Chiefs' GM) to continue building his football team from the inside - out. This means that offensive and defensive lineman have a higher priority than skill positions.
5.) Kansas City Chiefs - Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma

Trent Williams is an extremely versatile player. He's played the tackle spots, the guard spots, and he even played some center during his career under Bob Stoops at Oklahoma. Trent Williams may or may not step in at Left Tackle day 1, but he gives Kansas City plenty of versatility to start somewhere on that young line at the start of training camp. Eric Berry of Tennessee will be very tempting, but with the emergence of Jamaal Charles last year as a rising superstar Pioli wants to protect his best offensive weapon. KC hopes to forge their identity in the trenches because they don't want people asking, "Who are the Chefs?"

Now on to Seattle's pick at #6. Surfer-Boy Pete's first pick as the new head coach of the Seahawks isn't a high-profile one, but it is the right one. Coach Carroll knows that an offensive running game is the bread and butter of his offenses; thank you LenWhale and Mr. Kardashian.....

6.) Seattle Seahawks - Brian Bulaga, OT Iowa

Bulaga is a midwestern, blue-collar mauler. He will be able to take over when Walter Jones (certain first round HOF'er) retires - which may be sooner than later. Bulaga steps in and protects either Hasselbeck's or Whitehurst's backside for the next 12-14 years. There are knocks on his short arms, but I'm not buying it. He did have some issues with Brandon Graham this past season, but Bulaga's total body of work would indicate that that was the exception and not the rule.

I'll see you back here tomorrow for my CLEVELAND BROWNS PICK!!!!!!

"You boys like Mex-i-co? Yee- Haww!"

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